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  1. Thanks for the reply. Very glad to be aboard & glad that the association exists as well as this forum. Me & the mrs were interested in the convention but the next one is a little far plus the baby will be due around then. But, we will visit ?
  2. Hello all i decided to join/subscribe to the European Association of Ships in Bottles. Mainly because I wanted to be a part of something Ships in Bottles related. None of my family or friends have no interest whatsoever in bottle ship building ? Do we have any other members on here? Is the membership worth it? I’m already looking forward to the first copy of the magazine.
  3. I tested the acrylic paint with putty last year and let it dry & it was ok. I know that oil paint is asvised but I didnt have any at hand. I think the greenish would’ve suited this better, since I put a lighthouse in the bottle as well.
  4. So, as promised I said that my second ship im a bottle attempt would be the Porthmadog built S.S Rebecca. She was the first steamer in the port, loved by the young & hated by the elders. She made weekly visits to liverpool from the port with supplies. The ship model is made from wood painted with acrylic paint. The steam, some strands of wire wool. The stand I constructed entirely from driftwood found in the local bay. The white plaque on the stand is polished bone with the name & date scrimeshawed onto it. I am fairly happy with the result. But as soon as I cork
  5. Hi I used gazier putty mixed with acrylic paint. Not very accurate, we never have blue sea like that round here haha
  6. That’s the joke, neither can I ? This will be my second attempt at bottling a ship. Its the research that I enjoy the most. The mrs bought me a load of books for Christmas so looking for my next project.
  7. The detail is breathtaking. Truly remarkable. I’m in the process of making a small scale model of the Porthmadog’s S.S Rebecca wich will require weathering before bottling.
  8. You’re a very lucky man to have been aboard. There is a small piece of her in the local museum but no more than a 12”x12” block of wood. Really appreciate you sharing those pictures. Thank you.
  9. Wow! This is beautiful! Friend of mine is the great grandson of the first mate on the. She’s now in pieces somwhere on the Falkland islands.
  10. Thank you. I remember the schooner well, I was in primary school at the time. from what I remember it was similar to MA James.
  11. You are quite right. in order to keep the work as authentic as possible I use very basic tools, similar to what the old boys would’ve used. Often under the light of the paraffin lamp. I’ve even made ink using the black from lamp to produce some of the pieces. This is my kit. The pen knife was given to me as a kid by an the old local seaman.
  12. Thank you for the encouragment. Thinking of building a three masted schooner next. The M.A James one my hometown’s famous merchant ships. I have more detailed diagrams & photographs of this ship. Capden
  13. If I get the chance I will try & experiment this weekend with some different paints I have lying about the house. I’ve noticed that a lot of the antique SIB have painted backdrops.
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