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  1. cuda1949

    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing your builds. Alan
  2. cuda1949

    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome aboard. My background is I was a Philly Police Officer and I am getting ready to retire from The Courts in Delaware. My good friend Moe (God rest his soul) introduced me to this hobby back in the 90's. I am of the scale model type. My builds are predicated on actual ships. Welcome again and keep the questions coming. Alan
  3. cuda1949


    Just a quick Hi from Lower Slower Delaware. I have been building SIBS since about 1995. Just finished The Hannah which I started in 2000. Took ten years time to get it bottled. Mainly because when I would have problems I would put it away and bring it out again some time later. Anyway just thought I would stop lurking and say a friendly Hi.
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    Here are some of my past builds