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  1. Thanks! Now that I have a set of her original plans, I'm planning a 1/350 scale build of her sometime soon. I may continue this idea, however, and build the other two Shackleton ships Aurora and Nimrod, and perhaps others he was aboard.
  2. One of my favorite subjects, Shackleton's S/Y Endurance in 1/1250 scale, built inside of a pocket watch case. The hull is made from wood, masts are brass, railings are photoetched brass.
  3. Thanks Jesse! Im collecting supplies for USS Arizona next.
  4. IJN Yamashiro, 1941, 1/1800 Scale The upper hull was 3D printed, lower hull scratch built from styrene. Various PE parts such as searchlights, cram hooks, searchlight platform structures, railings, awning supports, etc. Rigging is ShelfOddity wire, the Aichi E13A floatplane was scratch built from stainless steel.
  5. Sure, you can use paper and cardboard on whatever you like. The only way you'd be cheating is if you bought a finished model. Use whatever resources you have and take lots of photos along the way
  6. Thought you guys would enjoy this. These are the 3d printed hulls for S/Y Endurance I commissioned a while back from a wonderful gentleman on Shapeways. The larger one is 1/350 and is the one I'm going to work on next following my IJN Maya build. I commissioned these around the time of my 1/700 Endurance scratch build started and they just arrived. They look stunning. I really think 3d printing is the way of the future for scale models. I bought the 1/700 hull too because I couldn't pass it up, even though I had my own under construction. I may sell it at some point, as I don't really need 3 Endurance models. If anyone has a burning desire for it, contact me and we can talk. Here is the link for models if you want the hull in 1/350 or 1/300 even. https://www.shapeways.com/product/CSVECWYA8/barquentine-quot-endurance-quot?li=shareProduct enjoy!
  7. Thanks! But I think I get more enjoyment out of building small dioramas. I'm working on Franklin's ships now, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Similar diorama to Endurance. I think this summer's theme will be Explorers and their ships
  8. Thanks! Water based plastic putty on some cellophane left to dry overnight
  9. All finished, She was begging for an icy diorama.
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