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  1. Constitutionen

    Thanks everyone for the nice words. Artur
  2. Constitutionen

    Continuation Artur
  3. Constitutionen

    I'm glad you like it. Artur
  4. Constitutionen

    Continuation Artur
  5. Constitutionen

    Continuation Artur
  6. Constitutionen

    Continuation Artur
  7. Constitutionen

    I make the deck Artur
  8. Constitutionen

    DSiemens, I hope I can put him in the bottle. Artur
  9. Constitutionen

    Igor, thank you for the photos. I haven't found anything about it in the internet. They'll be for sure very helpful when I'll be constructing Constitutionen. When it comes to plans of the ship, they have been published in polish magazine "Modelarz", no. 2 and 3 in 1981. Regards, Artur
  10. Constitutionen

    I am starting construction of the Norwegian ship Constitutinen. Artur
  11. Western River

    I came back from the European Championship Naviga C. My Western River won the gold medal. Artur
  12. Żuraw Gdański

    Thank you Alan Artur
  13. Żuraw Gdański

    Thank you D Siemens Artur
  14. Żuraw Gdański

    Thank you Igor Artur
  15. Żuraw Gdański

    End of construction Artur