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  1. Hi, Bob. Beautiful clean work, as ever. I'm glad you mentioned the scale or I would have suspected you of making a mini-pen regards andrew
  2. Bob! You have been holding out on us! You can put them in Bottles of the rectilinear type Beautiful, clean model andrew
  3. AndrewH


    Hi, Walter Welcome. We look forward to the alignment of your Ducks. Is the NJQUACK name an indication of your place in the line? andrew
  4. Hi, David. Shoot! I thought my problems were solved! Welcome: we can solve them together andrew
  5. Bore da, Capten. What is the steamship? I know Porthmadog a little from camping holidays when the children were smaller. The other sailing ships built at Port look interesting and very bottleable welcome aboard andrew
  6. Hi, Wordguy I, too, am a Peanut and Pistachio flyer - love your Bebe! Did you make the wheels yourself? I did a pair of silk ones with balsa tyres (sorry, Brit spelling) for a Bristol Scout. I still have the wheels but no the plane Welcome aboard, or possibly: welcome into the bottle andrew
  7. Thanks, Bob Seriously neat and inventive! Thanks for sharing the idea andrew
  8. Hi Andrew,

    Here is a free download link about mny ship model activities.




  9. Bob, Beautiful, neat and clean workmanship! Thanks for sharing. Looking at the finished model I was struck by the railings round the poop and forecastle, and how neat and regular they are. Could you tell us how you do these, please? andrew
  10. Looking clean and wonderful, Bob Looking at the spreaders I realise that I know next to nothing about their form or function. So I'm off to find out Could we persuade you to maybe install the PEN in a bottle? andrew
  11. The prices of the woods are fine by me - it was the steep fixed postage cost which flabbergasted me. (And Smockraffled me!) so being Scottish I increased the wood order to make it more worth while The wood parts I am getting are suitable, I believe for laser printer - and I don't have one - I might try a coat of a sealant (french polish?) and try inkjet printing I was aiming to try building ships complete from the veneer - when it comes I will see what it tells me andrew
  12. Swift shocked update Cardsofwood are very responsive and helpful, but I was smockraffled at the US$60.00 lowest shipping charge My pack of assorted wood should arrive tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes Hasta manana - with missing tilde andrew
  13. I have read and been inspired! I am about to get a selection of veneer from cardsofwood, who appear to be very helpful. Reading their website there are two thicknesses as DSiemens (how formal!) says, but the 0.016 thickness is paper or felt-backed (I think). Is this the material you tried? My plan, fwiw, is to get assorted timbers in postcard size (0.025) and a pale timber in paper size (0.016) and they have offered some samples of other constructions not seen on the website. I will happily relate what I get and find - and do with it. Harking back a little, and at the risk of being nationalist, French polish and French polishing are alive and well both in Britain and Australia, and many varieties of the mixed polish are available, as well as the flakes. My wife is a furniture restorer and we have several pounds of the flakes, and I have always used Button Polish (the thinnest french polish) as a fixer and ready-release holding glue for assembly or adjustability. Off to order veneers. It has just occurred to me that these are intended for printing (different types for inkjet and laser) so printing or engraving deck planks with a laser might be convincing? regards andrew
  14. Welcome into the Bottle, Paul I, too, am a former Aeromodeller and until recently lived in Luttterworth, so know Nuneaton well. Where to start? Is there any type of ship you REALLY like? I love RN cutters, and Bristol Channel Pilot boats, so that is where I am beginning. Did anything in the book grab you? All the inhabitants here are skilled, friendly and helpful - there are several threads in the discussions about sea Tools? small hand tools you probably have, a pin chuck is extremely useful, and a set of small drills. Sandpaper (of course), Patience (large bale) Go for it andrew
  15. Hi, Bob, This will be wonderful! Where do the clean coloured prints come from? Or do you draw them as well? regards andrew
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