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  1. ethanjhodgson

    HMS Trincomalee

    looks great, cant wait to see more
  2. ethanjhodgson

    S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

    ive wanted to build this one for a while. im happy you decided to, looking good!
  3. ethanjhodgson

    Shackleton's Endurance 1/700

    it looks great, what did you use to make the ice?
  4. ethanjhodgson


    i havent used any chemicals successfully either
  5. ethanjhodgson


    i have found quite a few bottles that i like the shape of, but they have the label printed on to the glass, not a sticker. its smooth paint and i havent had luck scratching it off. any ideas of what would remove it?
  6. ethanjhodgson

    Western River

    using the paper to help assembly inside the bottle is clever, fantastic work!