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  1. Gwyl Blaser

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Nice work John. Detail is wonderful.
  2. Gwyl Blaser

    HMS Gannet

    Very nice work.
  3. Gwyl Blaser

    Small steel barquentine

    Nice work Bob! She looks great. Gwyl
  4. Gwyl Blaser

    Small steel barquentine

    Nice work Bob. She is beautiful.
  5. Gwyl Blaser

    RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    Rob, Nice looking practicum. I'm getting interested in these merchant ships. Gwyl
  6. Gwyl Blaser

    Roberts Situation

    Although Bob is not a ship in bottle builder I think he has a lot to offer as his models are usually on the smaller size scale wise and the building techniques he uses can cross over to the SIB'ers on this site. I asked Bob to join quite some time ago for the reasons mentioned above. I'm glad he is here. I have learned a lot from him. Thanks Bob! Gwyl
  7. Gwyl Blaser

    Deadeye Method

    Thanks John! Great tutorial on deadeyes and blocks.
  8. Gwyl Blaser


    Joe, This is fantastic miniature work. The weathering really brings these models to life. Have you thought of doing a build log of one of your builds. I would truly like to follow your work if you do. Again nice work. Gwyl
  9. Gwyl Blaser

    U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1812

    This is quite the build Dave. Your exactness is paying off. Gwyl
  10. Gwyl Blaser


    Very nice!
  11. Gwyl Blaser

    Beginner committed to learning

    Hi Alex and welcome to the group. There are lots of builders here with tremendous amount of knowledge and they are all willing to share. We hope to see some of your projects in the future! Gwyl
  12. Gwyl Blaser

    Western River

    Nice work. Very clean details. Gwyl
  13. Gwyl Blaser

    Ship In Bottle Books

    Thanks for posting this offer for the books. I am glad they all found a good home. Gwyl
  14. Gwyl Blaser

    U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1812

    Hi Dave, With each update you post I am getting really exited to see this complete. It's one of those projects that I wish I could see the final product soon, but at the same time I hope is goes on for a long time because each update is full of so much instruction and an opportunity to learn. This is looking great! I am also excited to see your steps in completing this model. You mentioned you are using boxwood for some of these parts. Is that Castillo? What other woods are you using in this build? I am also curious as to what type of scroll saw and blade choice you use when cutting these frames. Gwyl
  15. Gwyl Blaser

    Olympic 470 Sail Boat DSiemens

    I agree. This is looking nice. What did you make the mast out of? It looks like aluminum. I would hope this will end up as a prized item in someones future. Gwyl