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  1. Very excited to contribute to this friendly and knowledgeable forum. I'm a complete newbie in so many ways, but excited to learn and have a go. I chose the Bluenose because (a) I think it's really a beautiful boat, (b) seemed like a reasonable challenge level for a first SiB, and (c) I really like the story behind the Fisherman's Cup. I'll definitely be getting a Canadian coin to finish off the bottle. Here's the bottle. I got two identical "Hand-blown made in Italy bottles" from eBay for $9 + shipping. Opening is 3/4" which seems good. With pen for scale. This post concerns my
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  2. Nice work so far and some interesting use of G clamps. I like that you are using scaled down drawings of Bluenose, it's much easier to get everything the correct size. The one thing that I find with painting,is that it does show up any inconsistencies but sometimes that depends more on the colour of the paint. Keep up the good work!
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  3. Will

    Hello from CT

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!
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  4. Chasseur

    Now Hear this!

    Hello all, when I get into the office tomorrow I will post our Bottled Shipwright Journal to the clubs section for this calendar year. It's a special edition due to COVID. Jeff
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