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    CSS Alabama

    Some progress made but also some mistakes! I am using 0,5mm thick white plastic to skin the hull of 'Alabama' but it's a bit difficult to mould around the hull;0,3mm would of been easier but I am afraid that the bulwarks would be too thin and weak. Had a few cannons left over from the 'Black Pearl' so I can use them to check inside height of the bulwarks. On Tuesday evening had the opportunity to use a hobbymaster bandsaw to slice up the hull. As you can see that didn't go so well;cut a bit too much off the bottom but it is still usable. The wood is terrible,can't remember where I got it from but I won't be using it again! Even sanding it is difficult,always leaves a ragged edge,anyway it all pegs back together quite nicely.Last picture is the bottom piece cut off, just to show the grain of the wood.
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    Jim Goodwin

    Ship in bottle Valuation

    The earliest tugboat was built in Scotland around 1802 and used for river traffic. They advanced since that time. During conflict periods, such as the Civil War of 1861-65, many tugs were armed with a bow & stern gun. Often many small schooners were converted to a tug. The design we associate with a tugboat, typified by Tugboat Annie film, has been around since the 1840's.
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    Jeff B

    Ship in bottle Valuation

    Is that a mystery bottle stopper? Adds to the mystique of "how'd they do that?" Or do my eyes deceive me?
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    Ship in bottle Valuation

    I was able to find some very similar bottles. It appears this is an apothecary bottle used for holding medicine. These bottles appear to come from the 1880-1890s. That matches what I found on the bottle dating site. This is a very old ship in bottle. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/east-bristol-auctions/catalogue-id-sreas10183/lot-91fbd61f-48f7-4996-bd36-a6d000c607a9 I wonder if the condensation you wrote about isn't actually chemical staining from what ever used to be in this bottle. I have seen chemical staining in bottles before that looked a lot like frost. Always thought of putting a winter scene or northern ship in that type of bottle. The bottle may have been selected for it's stormy look.
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    Ship in bottle Valuation

    Looked up lighthouses with red tops. This could be any number of places which also means it could be a generic lighthouse and doesn't resemble any actual place. Below are the closest matches. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Island_Lighthouse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_du_Couedic_Lighthouse This one is most probable. It was built before the time frame of the bottle and looks the closest. It is in the Netherlands. https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q2215732
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    Almost done! At this point I cut a piece of 1/4 inch tubing around 4 inches long and threaded it through the end of the line. You'll have to shorten the tube a bit to get the size opening you want for your particular finger size but you'll figure that out. Next you need to put at least 2 half hitches at the end of the fishing line where the two ends of the tube meet. Again snip off the end of the fishing line leaving you plenty of material left to melt it with a lighter and fuse the knot fast to it's self. And there you have it. You can bend the rod to whatever curve you might need in the future to help you navigate your ship or whatever inside the bottle. A word of caution. The teeth on the clip are very sharp and can beat up your stuff. What I have done in the past to resolve that issue is to cut a strip from a Cloth Bandaid and wrap it around the teeth. You may want to file the teeth away altogether although I've not done that. Your call. Don't shoot the messenger. Another marvel of science from yours truly. LOL. Weigh Anchor and hoist the sails!
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    Ship in bottle Valuation

    Can anyone tell me anything about this SAB? We believe it to be late 1800’s to early 1900’s? No sails, cork screw bottle. It’s a wealthy family air loom from either England or the Eastern US. that we inherited. If you need additional info or pics let me know. No took the pics with my iPhone , so quality is most likely not good enough for you, but just trying to get a conversation started. The pics make it look like there’s condensation, but there is NO CONDENSATION. Please advise. Thanks !
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