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    What's on your workbench?

    Onni, Love the stand and SIB. Just starting a stand for my favorite SIB. It's a Jonny Reinert bottle and deserves a proper stand. Planning on power carving an octopus as the stand.
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    Bruce Foxworthy


    So just the other day I put my bottle on the stove on the warm burner (electric stove), to melt the clay air bubbles away from the sides and bottom of the bottle. Then Like a dummy I got distracted and went to Walmart to pick up a few things. By the time I realized that I screwed up and then got home, I found my sea material all melted into a liquid. No big deal I figured. I'll just put the bottle in it's already made stand and wait for it to cool. Then start making my waves and the cavity for the hull to sit in all over again. I had decided to try an experiment and make a wave making tool using two different sized ball bearings soldered onto the ends of a piece of wire. I've been fiddling around with that tool and it seems to have some promise. Practice and time will tell. Good thing for me that I hadn't yet rigged my ship cause I need to get the hull by itself in the bottle to make it's cavity. Anyway here's a picture of what I started with this tool I made. Before this set back I was about to rig my ship cause she's already to go for that. Ya win some you loose some. Lesson learned. Never leave your bottle when it's on the stove. LOL
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    HMB Endeavour, a scratch build

    Hi All, I've started on a SIB of the HMB Endeavour, which is a relatively famous ship in this part of the world. I started about a month ago, after I'd visited the replica of the ship, and taken heaps of photos. As it lives locally in Sydney harbour, it was a nice day out! So far, I've shaped the hull, carved out of some nice straight grained soft wood from an old office table, which was about 40 years old. I've also played with masts and spas, with mixed success! The hull is sliced at the waterline, and so far, I can fit it down the neck of my bottle. (Always bonus!) This build is going to take me months, as I have to learn how to do and make everything. So any comments, criticisms, pointers where I'm going wrong, etc will be more than welcome. Thanks. Mick
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    Hello all, The Old Salt Blog by Rick Spilman has a wonderful video of a Museum created by Des Pawson, http://www.oldsaltblog.com/ Des is a fascinating Old Salt/Curator of a museum he had constructed to further the lost art of rope building etc. By far IMHO, he is probably the best subject matter expert on the Planet. If you are a fan of Ashley's Book of Knots this a must watch video. Your Editor in Chief
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    What's on your workbench?

    Looks like a good start. Also enjoying the amount of flies in the background. Did you tie all of those?
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    CSS Alabama

    Most people don't know this but the First National had 7 stars for only A few months. AS the other States joined another star was added until there were 13 stars which is the way it was from Dec. 1861 until it was changed to the 2nd National design on May 1st 1863. She would have had the 13 star version until the second was adopted. Here's a link to Wikipedia about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America Jesse
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    Main mast is in. The problem with lateen rigged sails is in the absence of wind there's nothing to hold them up! So I have to set the yards and lines with glue. 😁
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    Mizzen mast and sail are in and fixed, 2 more to go! In the foreground is my trusty paper clip on a stick, it's so useful. 😁
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    John Fox III


    Greetings, Here's my take on this topic. 1.] Nothing is impossible, until I've tried every method I can think of and failed, 2.] Anything I've done once I can do again, if necessary. Thus, I sometimes take weeks and 3 or 4 tries before I find a method that works for me in making or assembling any of my models. And, if I break something while working on a model I know I can repeat building it since I did it the first time. I do experiment a lot while building, always searching for a better way, or a way that looks more realistic, so the above is constantly in my mind as I work through a project. That is one reason I do not write build logs for many of my models, they'd be almost never ending! <Grin> Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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    Beautiful beyond a doubt. Amazing work! You should be proud of yourself in every way.. Cant' wait for your next build and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It's an amazing build!!
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