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    Da Seamans Sloop

    Well folks, I am going to retire on January 2 so I thought I would get started on a project to help keep me from getting bored, I have had a few failures lately so I'm getting back to basics with no fancy hull splits or crazy ideas for this one. I am loosely basing this on a Carolina sloop but have taken quite a bit of artists license already and am naming this, " Da Seamans Sloop " as a thinly veiled nod to D. Siemans inspirational Bermuda Sloop build.
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    Thank You All!

    I haven't mentioned it a while but I wanted to say thank you to every one that has donated to the site. I really appreciate your help in keeping the website going. All donations have gone toward the monthly $20 fee for the web service that generates the forum, and we're still paid up for several months. I haven't had to worry about it for a while and as I thought about that, I just had to say thank you. We have a good group and we're steadily growing. Whether it's advice, build logs, questions or donations thank you for being a part of Bottled Ship Builder. I appreciate all of you. Thanks, Daniel
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