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    Love the perfume bottle. I also like the flag on the bow. You don't see that often but but my understanding is bow staffs were very often used historically.
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    Jim Goodwin


    Like Alan, most of the plans I use come from books. I typically photocopy them to the scale I want to build. Howard Chapelle books are good and can be found on ebay and often used book stores. Cheers Jim
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    Jim Goodwin


    Daniel is correct that it is tough to sell model ships these days. One problem is the size for many home owners. Smaller is better. Museums are often interested, yet most do not have the finances to pay one for actual time & expenses. Have recently sold some to museums and was glad to do so since they will be viewed by the public. Donating pieces for museum fundraisers is good for the museums and gets one exposure... though with tax deductions of created art, one can only take off the materials (a different rant altogether ). We make models for personal challenges and enjoyment. Having an actual sale of our work is a bonus.
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    How do you make ratlines?

    Hi Bruce, I apologize for taking so long to respond. Attached are pictures of my jig and an application on a Great Lakes 1812-1815 circa Warship. Thread goes into the spring at top with spacing required depending on diameter of the mast. Bottom piece where the screw goes into the jig is wood and slots are cut according to the spacing required on the hull. Start at the top with a piece of thread, then slip it into the spring, and then pull down into a location on the bottom piece of the wood both sides. The beauty of the wood is you can pick number of shrouds/lines, spacing etc. Then start glueing your lines in place according to the scale required. Jig is built from brass square tubing. Holes are drilled to allow for different SIB scales. Just remove the brass screw each side and adjust accordingly. Rod is soldered at the bottom so it can fit into my fly tying pin vice. Here is a picture of the rat lines installed on a British Warship.
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