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    What's on your workbench?

    ATLANTIC in progress...
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    Bruce has come up with a logo and it looks fantastic! Here's our new logo. I will soon be setting up some purchase-able items that will include it. Thanks Bruce!
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    Bottled Ship Builder Hats and Things

    My local ship club found someone who could embroider logo's onto hats for a low price and so the club sold a customized ball cap style hat to the club members that wanted one. I'll have to get a photo and post it. It was a huge hit in the club and I thought it may be fun to do something similar for the website. I've debated it for a long time and part of the problem is we don't have a logo per say. We have a photo at the top of the page but that's not a very embroider-able logo. I've contacted someone who could make us a logo but before I go forward with it I wanted to see what is the interest in buying a hat or t-shirt or other item that would show off your association with bottled ship builder? Is it something you would buy? Let me know what you think.
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    Jeff B

    What's on your workbench?

    Pride of Baltimore complete and bottled up!
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    Guys: Daniel was of considerable help to me in the conception of this logo. It was a joint effort for sure. Just sayin. Bruce.
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    Thank you, Bruce!
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    Fantastic work. The ship is shaping up nicely. Soaking and grain breaking have always worked for me. I typically use bass wood strips you can buy at hobby stores. I'm not sure how your wood will react but it's always worth a try. Then at least you know. Speaking of materials. Styrene works well for bulwarks too. Jeff just posted a good source for styrene. I'll post a link to the thread. I haven't used it yet but from what I've seen it looks great and bends well. If your sticking to wood another method I've seen from the larger scale ship builders is soaking wood in ammonia. I knew a guy that had a PVC pipe set up where he could unscrew the top and the planks would float up to the top. He'd grab one push the others down with the lid and screw it up again. It became his mobile plank soaking jig. He could bring it to club meetings with out stinking up the place. I'd test it first. Ammonia fumes typically darken some types of wood. I know it does for oak and cherry. If you want to make a darker ship without staining and with the color going clear through the wood look up ammonia fuming. I did it on one of mine and it's still one of my all time favorite sibs.
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    Jeff B

    Fantastic news

    My 9 yr old fixed my Kindle Fire. Go figure, right? Not sure how long the battery will last. That's was the issue. It can take photos!!! I checked! Posting Lexington and almost finished Baltimore Clipper in workbench area. (I hope - fingers crossed.)
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    Continuation Artur
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    Thank you Bruce For now I only used sewing sails. Artur
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    John Fox III

    Fly tying thread for rigging

    Greetings, Keep in mind that fly tying thread is meant for a different purpose. Although I use it all the time, thing is it is not round in diameter like sewing thread, has very little twist overall. Any size smaller than 8/0 is just thinner in cross section one way, but just about the same width, if you get my meaning, because it is flat. Fly tying threads are designed that way to have a wide footprint for holding hackle and body material, without adding a lot of thickness to the fly body with multiple wraps to add in additional material. Still, about the thinnest threads you can find for SIB building. I tend to use threads that are single fiber when working on the smallest sizes, believe they are known as mono threads. Hope that helps! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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