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    Gwyl Blaser

    Bottle find

    Nice bottle. I like those thin bottles. It increases the challenge and the WOW factor is also enhanced. Gwyl
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    New to forum, I got into the hobby back in the late 1970"s buying my first kit from Model Expo in NJ. I met Mr. Frank Mastini there, and ended up becoming a student of his. I recently retired and am now getting back into ship building. Currently started a Mamoli Alabama, and an old Authentic models kit Princess Royal Ship in a Bottle, which I picked up at the Disney World Souvenir shop outside the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Totally different feel from building a plank on frame, I find it more enjoyable & relaxing, not to mention a lot smaller mess & footprint to deal with. Looking forward to tips & tricks & checking out your Bottle builds! Thanks Lobo
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    Hello from the Piers on the Hudson, NY!

    I think you will get a lot of helpful advice from members here. Welcome Lobo.
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    Jeff B

    Hello from the Piers on the Hudson, NY!

    Greetings Lobo. Jeff from the Poconos.
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    John Fox III

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Thanks Gwyl! I do attempt to share as much as I can, sometimes it is a lot to absorb it's true. I don't always remember it all either, that is the advantage of digital cameras and saved image files. Using those I can revisit past models to "recall" how I managed to build similar parts/models in the past. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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    Gwyl Blaser

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    John, This is looking great. In every photo and word that you post there is a tremendous amount of information. I wished I could remember it all! Sometimes it is like a huge feast where there is so much food but when you are stuffed you cannot absorb any more. I look forward to your updates. Gwyl
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    Welcome aboard Lobo. I remember Frank Mastini. I think I have a construction video from way back where he is demonstrating the ship building process. Gwyl
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    Welcome, Lobo!
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    Welcome Lobo!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    John Fox III

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Greetings Bill, Thanks for the kind words! The bottle in this case is a sodium vapor light bulb, which obscures very little of the detail of the model. Don't be discouraged, my first 3 ship in bottle models ended up in the trash can. Remember we ALL start at the same place, it takes time and practice and a desire to increase one's detail level and accuracy. It doesn't happen overnight! <Grin> I've been working on miniature model sailing ships for nearly 40 years, talk to me after you've been at it that long and we will see how you've progressed, if I am around that long! <Grin> Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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