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    Hi from Bristol UK

    Good morning from sunny Bristol, yesterday was two inches of snow today blue sky and sunshine. I'm Bob and have built three ship models going smaller and smaller in size - Santa Maria from my Grandad (decorative model from around 1936) that I completely restored. Next Billings Dana altered with living quarters, readers etc and in its last stages Heller Sinagot. This one I only used the plastic hull, decks, masts all wood. Looking forward to my first S I B after searching through the web site for tips, hints, tools. Cheers Bob
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    Many thanks for yours feedbacks and LIKEs, friends!
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    Jeff bs build #3.

    I like it a lot. Very nice!
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    Very well done!
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    Big congratulations Beautiful model. Artur
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    Very nice Igor. Excellent detail and the sea is very watery looking. Great. Bernard
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    Absolutely superb job Igor!! Such attention to detail and excellent workmanship produced a wonderful SIB!! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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    Beautiful, clean and detailed as always! Congratulations!
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    Another superb SIB. I'll have to try resin sea sometime. Alan
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    Lovely model. Even better because its a SIB. Alan
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    Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

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