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    18th Century Sloop 1/675

    Hi, For my first project I decided to try a small sloop. I found a nice 50 ml bottle and the results of my efforts are documented in the pictures below. I could not have completed this project without the great resources this site provides. Walter
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    Finally, the building of the model has been completed
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    Preussen Clipper

    There is plenty about Ralph Preston on the internet if you put Ralph Preston bottle models in Google. Here is a Utube link: https://youtu.be/b69tPHEDIqU He used very big bottles. He must have had an awful lot of patience. I could not even contemplate attempting such a project on any scale! Bob
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    Preussen Clipper

    Got a chance to do a little work so here is an update. The first photograph shows what the endgame will look like. I am trying to stuff as much detail into the forecastle area as humanly possible. I have the two marker light reflectors built and installed and working on the marker lights. Two chicken coups are built as well. I turned the domes from 1.5mm solid brass and they are glued to 1.5mm brass pipe. "GS Hypo Cement works wonders here." Next shot is my lathe set up turning a dome. Next two shots are the reflectors built and installed respectively port and starboard. I built a special tool for sanding and profiling out of an old hacksaw. Works good and I can super glue any type of grit onto it as my heart desires. Next shot shows a dome glued onto a pipe. I also filed a notch into it which will later show the glass part that covers the marker light on the real ship. Next two shots shows a ring fabricated out of Extra Fine copper wire. A bit of fiddling here! Last shot shows the ring glued onto the lower part of dome. Notice the notch below the ring? I have to build the light bezel and cover next. Slow going here but its enjoying just the same. Just like watchmaking almost! LOL..... Jeff
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