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  1. Beautiful work Igor. I like the method of tightening the back stays once the ship is in the bottle. It's very unique and allows the mast to be inserted separately. I may have to try it one of these days.
  2. I'm going to have to get into styrene.
  3. Absolutely beautiful work. I wish I lived closer I'd take your advanced class in a heart beat. Regarding the oil on the sails there is one technique I've found and used which I find works well. In the old video of George Fulfits ship in bottle building he used saranwrap to cover the sea while putting the ship in the bottle. He also put some between the sails to keep the lines from snagging on the yards. The only trouble with it is you wouldn't be able to get the ship secured to the sea until the masts were erected. This is my preferred method any way so it works for me. Using your wire and duct tape idea would also work with the saranwrap method. Since the plastic is so thin it's easy to remove and protects the sails well.
  4. I'm extremely impressed at the amount of detail you have at such a small scale. You're work is also very clean and sharp. What materials do you use?
  5. Can you email the supplier and see what they say? Also beeswax might help smooth it out.
  6. Excellent work. The bottles you find are very unique. Makes the sib that much more interesting.
  7. The details in this ship are incredible. Thank you for sharing the line coiling method. It's so rediculously simple but works so well.
  8. Incredible work. I love seeing scenes like this.
  9. This is great. I'm working on a smaller clipper ship for a friend of mine and what you've written here is incredibly useful. To the point that I might redo his ship. All well. Live and learn.
  10. Coming along nicely. I like the idea of adding the snow.
  11. Das ist schön Roger danke für den Austausch.
  12. I'd have to look at what thread goes into making gloves. I haven't heard of people using clove thread. I use fly tying thread and find it works well.
  13. Igor - I love that bottle. It's like it was made for a ship and light house. Thanks Lboro.
  14. Welcome!
  15. Wow! I love it. That's ingenious. This could be used for taking measurements of the bottle height too.