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  1. HI

  2. My latest fun.
  3. That looks awesome. I love the lines on this boat.
  4. Beautiful work. I assume that's paper you used for the bulwarks. What type of paper is it though? I've often used regular copy paper but it's flimsy and I'm sure there something better. If it isn't paper what material are you using?
  5. I don't think any ones heard from any of the museums regarding any of the old ships in bottles. I've sent requests as well with no reply.
  6. Got the ships boat in. Just need sails and she's ready to bottle.
  7. I found this very interesting. https://sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/MillerSullivan1984.pdf
  8. I love the in bottle repair. You have some real talent. Great work. She's an incredible ship in bottle.
  9. There is a lot of options for that. I've seen lines cut off at the sea level and then covered up with a little sea. My favorite is lines that come up from the middle of the deck and are covered up with a hatch or deck house. I just think it's clever. The hawser hole idea is interesting too.
  10. Looking good. What material is the snow? I want to say Styrofoam but I'm not sure.
  11. DC

    Thanks Loan! I knew it was out there somewhere.
  12. DC

    Here's the actual location of this photo. https://www.folkartinbottles.com/workshop/featured/216-suspended-models-by-greg-alvey
  13. DC

    I have seen this and they look very interesting and can be a good way to fill extra space in the bottle. Here's one I found from Folkartinbottles.com. My understanding of the process is that the "butterfly" part is actually two separate pieces. They are pulling into place with a string that runs up the central dowel. The string is glued down and tied off at the top. Then a cap is glued over the hole and string to give the appearance that it is one solid piece and hide how the trick was done.
  14. Excellent photography. The sea is incredible, I really like that you can see the prop under the water. The line situation looks tough. Are you able to get the ship out at this point?