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  1. Looks like you pulled it right out of the picture.
  2. She's great. I've learned it can be better not to compare my work to others. Absolutely learn from others and try to emulate what I like about others work but, every one is on their own path. If your ship is better then the last then your doing great. Even the greatest modelers are critical of their own work and hope the next will be better. In that way we're all the same.
  3. Awesome. Looks great.
  4. Exciting. Its fun to see it all cone together.
  5. Shes looking good so far. In running into a similar situation with a sib thats just a bit to big. Frustrating to say the least. All well. Its an occupational hazard.
  6. For a good beginning model look at sloop. Bermuda sloop are fun if you like something with cannons. They're a good start because they only have one mast.
  7. Incredible. I love the way you made the rings.
  8. You know google images isnt half bad. Just type in what ever ship name and plans and something Ussually comes up. At our scale images online can work fine. Here's one for the Golden Hind. Ive thought of doing this ship. https://www.google.com/search?q=golden+hind+plans&safe=strict&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=ismvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi03eO_htjUAhUCLmMKHY5ZBU0Q_AUICSgB&biw=360&bih=518
  9. Its beautiful. Well done.
  10. Awesome.
  11. Great work on those hinged masts. Their looking really nice. I hope your hand feels better soon.
  12. Glue. Go figure...that makes a lot of sense. I have a project that's fallen way down the list of things I'd like to do involving bottling the Gajoa in a bottle I found. The inside is stained by some sort of chemical I can't get off but it looks a lot like frost. It would be fun to put a ship sailing through ice in it. I will keep this glue in mind if ever I get around to that project. It's looking good. It will be very hard to tell how you got it in the bottle once you're done.
  13. That's some great metal work you got going. I always struggle when it come to bending wires. I love the detail your achieving.
  14. Well done! She really is a great ship in bottle. Well deserving of a gold medal. Great work!
  15. Well. Gotta rework some things. The bundle of masts and spars made the ship to big for the bottle. I'm thinking of taking the fore mast off and reworking it similar to Igors method. It'll be a hybrid with two folding masts and one separate. Which is less work than redoing all of the rigging.