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  1. If it wasn't for the figure, that photo could be of a real boat! Alan
  2. Charlie, Personally, I would choose the thickness depending on the scale of the SIB, and the particular part of the rigging, One of the problems I've encountered with threads is that each manufacturer seems to have their own method of description for thickness, number of threads, etc.so its hard to know off the reel the size. If you are unsure of the thickness, then get a thin piece of dowel, mark two lines round the circumference a known distance apart, say 2 mm, wind on your thread between the marks, counting the turns, then divide the number of turns into the 2 mm to give thread diameter (within limits). You may want to have a look at http://restore-products.co.uk/ecommerce/product/ultrafyne_polyester_120_s_sewing_threads/ I know they are the wrong side of the pond for you, but the thread is thin. Best Alan
  3. Dan, I've done some more work and had a start on the masts. The hull is split, you can see the blocks in the photo above with the elastic bands, and in the enclosed phots. The little stand is only a temporary thing. The masts are 1.5 mm thick at present, although the perspective of the maco shot makes them look thicker. Alan
  4. Just a quick update - hull taking shape. Alan
  5. another very nice model Alan
  6. Some nice miniature work there Alan
  7. some novel ways of supporting the model during work Alan
  8. All, I mentioned under the 'Archibald Russell' build log I had extended a multi-meter probe for use as a thread grabber in the bottle. PDF of the method attached. Sorry some of the phots are blurred a bit. best Alan Thread gripper.pdf
  9. Alex, Very nice SIB and write up. I was interested in the meter probes you use to weight the rigging lines. I started doing similar a while ago, using a sort of colour code, red ones for port lines, green for stbd, black for stays, and so on. A bit of masking tape further identifies them. I also extended one for use as a 'grabber' for use 'in the bottle'. I'll post details elsewhere on the site. Thanks for sharing Alan
  10. The only nasty comments I have experienced have been from me directed at me - for example, I mentioned in another thread my practise SIB, is now on its 6th or 7th set of masts. Well, it is now on its 7th or 8th set because I dropped it this morning, and just like buttered toast, it landed wrong side down. The air was blue! welcome on board Alan
  11. Lovely miniature work and a very nice display Alan
  12. the more the merrier Alan
  13. If you aren't sure, knock up a couple of extra masts and booms and experiment. Nothing lost then but a bit of time, but experience gained. I've got one SIB I've called the 'Hack' that's been constantly experimented on for about 15 yrs. It must be on its 6th or 7th set of masts and yards, plus sails. The deck layout has changed as I change my mind, but its going in soon for good as there is not a lot of hull left to play with. Alan