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  1. Yesterday I continued work with main deckhouse.
  2. OK, Bernard. I use small pieces from a needle for a syringe of suitable diameter.
  3. So, then it was possible to try to make the entrance tambour
  4. Thank you, Daniel and Bernard! Bernard, do you mean these metal ring on the end of the gaff?
  5. Perhaps you can use a two-component silicone Encapso K with pigments for this purpose
  6. Next, I cut through the deck in the places of the entrance tambours and lined the walls of the holes with planks. I do not know for sure whether there will be open doors in the entrance tambours, but, just in case, decided to refine these holes in the deck
  7. Then I glued the steering plate. I was thinking of making imitations of fastening loops, but they are built-in on this boat and are unlikely to be visible under water.
  8. HI

    Welcome aboard, J! The best way to learn to do something is to start doing something Good luck in your first project!
  9. Then I increased the keel in the stern part of the hull
  10. Then I finally sanded the planes connecting the upper and lower parts of the hull, cut out the plate replacing the waterline and processed the entire hull assembly.
  11. Then I proceeded to planking the underwater part of the hull with the red hornbeam.
  12. Oh, sorry, IOAN! I understood!!! I use wooden rulers as a material for making the hulls. They are made of beech, cheap and have no defects. So, I will continue Then I glued the gunwales.