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  1. Then I installed the blocks for the rigging of the gaffel. The scheme is, of course, simplified in comparison with the original
  2. Then I made a small detail for fixing the bowsprit
  3. Hi to all! Little progress in those last weekend... At first I continued to "train" in making blocks for Jolie
  4. Yesterday I installed the sail hanks on one of the sails
  5. Thank you, Jesse! I hope I can use this technology to make blocks for some of my future projects in scale 1/72.
  6. Many thanks, Jeff! Yesterday I tried another technology for making blocks. This block has a pulley and its length is 2.5 mm. Perhaps for someone this information will be useful. Now I want to try to make a smaller block using this technology. Also I need to make double and triple blocks.
  7. Then I tried to install a couple of these blocks in their places. Unfortunately now I see my mistake in the design of the mast
  8. Hi to everyone! Next small update. I worked on blocks at last weekend's. I made a couple dozen the single blocks.
  9. You also can take as a sample some famous schooner. For example, America or Bluenose. And there are the available plans of these schooners.
  10. Hi to everyone! Some small progress. At first I have established the main sail.