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  1. Ok, Peter! I have sent them now.
  2. Hi Daniel! Have you any new information about it?
  3. At this point the work was stopped, because I needed to do some experiments with the material for making the sea. Now I'm going to resume work with this project. But first I need to make a bottle stand. Best Regards! Igor.
  4. Then I have painted the old man's clothes. I wanted to get an imitation of simple clothes from the canvas.
  5. Then I began to change shape old man - to add the clothes and the hat. I have used for the sculping of the cloths Glue Titebond II Dark. Unfortunately in during of this process the old man's left arm was broken, and this part was lost. Now I was have to make the new hand for him.
  6. In long time I wanted to try make the basket. On this time I have done it. The diameter of this basket 7.5-8 mm.
  7. If you need it, I can send the drawings to your email .
  8. Yes, Alan, it is so!
  9. Hi Peter! Yes, I have the set of plans of this schooner from Mamoli and the set of plans from some Italian magazine. But I have used only two drawings of them.
  10. Thank you, Jesse and IOAN! What kind of little things are you interested in, Jesse?
  11. Next small update - knife of old man ... ... for the cutting sausage with cucumber slice ... ... to cut of tuna or... that to harpoon the shark ...
  12. The next small updates here: one of boxes for fishing lines, several coils of fishing lines, the bottle for water
  13. Then I have attached it to the mast and again have checked the entire composition