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  1. Hi everyone! Next small progress
  2. Hi Daniel! Great work! I think that next time we will be able to see her in the bottle. Good luck and success to you in this crucial stage! Best Regards! Igor.
  3. OK, Brendan! I will try to find in my archives something helpful. P.S. There is the book "The Brendan woyage" in my home library.
  4. Then I began to make the mast elements
  5. Hi everyone! So, here you can see some more small updates in this project. First of all, I continued working with deck houses
  6. Hi Shipwright1912! Which type of ships of the 20th century are you interested in? I'm not a very big fan of modern ships, but in my collection there are some drawings of steamboats, icebreakers, tugboats, etc. Best Regards! Igor.
  7. Hello Shipwright1912! For several months I am studying the properties and methods of working with a two-component silicone. One of my current projects also requires a transparent sea to see the underwater elements of the composition. Best Regards! Igor.
  8. Hi Roonil! Sometimes it is quite difficult to find drawings of a particular ship. But usually there are no problems to find drawings of known ships, including the theoretical drawing of the hull, side views and from above, details of some individual elements. I think, first you can decide model which of the type of ship you want to make. Then it will be easier for you to find the necessary drawings and additional information. Best Regards! Igor.
  9. Hi Roonil! Welcome aboard!
  10. Yesterday I continued to make the tiller
  11. The next stage is the manufacture of the windlass.