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  1. Thank you Alan. Bought it and is printing as I write. I'll read it first then later I'll start the built after a bit more research. Seems the Erik had an interesting career before she was sunk.. Thanks again. rollie
  2. FYI, the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in now in HFX harbour for Canada Day celebrations. It will be here until July 5th. Got to like ships.
  3. In Berchems book he says that the Erik had a rounded stern. Did the Erik have a rounded stern or a flat one as the New Bedford whalers and others of the era? I want to make it similar to the book but be historically accurate as well. Thanks in advance for any information.
  4. What size is the model ( l.o.a. ) and how tall will it be with the masts? Hope your hand heals up.. BTW, Canada is a metric country. Except for things going to the US where it has both metric and Imperial. As well as French and English.
  5. What size of bottle are you using? 750 ML is all I can see in the liquor stores here. Love the work.
  6. Thanks again Alan.. The site worked fine, however the pictures were a bit small. I was also able to get a picture showing the bow of the Erik from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic here in Halifax.NS. It has a narwhal in it and I can not for the life of me find it any longer. Thanks again and I keep looking for that pic so I can post it. rollie
  7. Thanks Alan. Ive looked over the site and found a great deal of useful information. I also didn't know this site was there. Thanks again. rollie
  8. In F Berchems book on SIBs he talks about .building the ship Erik. Built in Scotland mid 1800s. Sunk late WW1 by a sub. between St.Johns NL and Sydney N S I have a son named ERICK and world like to build it for him as a gift. Anyone know of when I can get plans, photos, etc., of the ship of something similar.
  9. Great work on both models.
  10. Lovely work. Looks very much like the"Polly Woodside" in Melbourne Australia.
  11. I would like to introduce myself. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. A retired Marine Electrician and SIB builder. I have been modelling since the early 90s when I started to do SIB for retirements. primarily for electricians and in lightbulbs, but have always had an interest in ships. The models I have built were mostly RCN ships past and present, along with a few sailing ships.But now I have started to do sailing ships full time. I am at present working on a SIB of the Nonsuch in a pinch bottle .