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  2. Sails added. I found some rigging wire indodnt know I had, just enough to finish her. Some progress:
  3. Yesterday
  4. Today I managed to get the port side bulwark on and primed. Once the paint dries overnight I’ll get out some 600 grit and work towards 2000 to polish out the imperfections and get things nice and smooth. I am leaning towards using some paper on the hull to depict the plating on the Preussen. Note sure how crazy I am going to get here. Also some paper gussets to hold the main rails to the bulwarks are up soon. I have been thinking about starting on the masts and yards and in particular how I want to secure the ratlines, back-stays and fore-stays. Everything has to come apart before she goes into the bottle so I have to put on my Engineers hat and figure this out in more detail. McCaffery’s below and Underhill’s book has been some inspiration as of late. Lots of work ahead ... Jeff
  6. Soda will break down and yellow. There are commercial products for snow and ice. I think woodland scenics and a couple others make model show and ice products
  7. At one time I thought about it. I assumed that I can use baking soda to depict ice. But I have not tried to do so.
  8. I haven't decided how I'm going to display it yet. Might do something like that
  9. Are you going to make a diorama with ice?
  10. OK, Joe100! I'm very grateful for that! Best Regards! Igor.
  11. Many thanks, IOAN! I will continue this story in the coming days. Best Regards! Igor.
  12. Thanks Igor! I have a couple sets of drawings which worked for the purpose of a build this small. Shoot me your email and I'll send them over. Original copies can be ordered from the U.K. But they're £100 a copy.
  13. Wonderful! Watching with interest your ships. Success!
  14. WOW, Joe100! Very nice work! I have long been looking for drawings of this ship, but could not find. I look forward to the sequel! Best Regards! Igor.
  15. Some progress photos of S/Y Endurance as she appeared on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. By far one of my favorite ships. Im stopped right now as I'm waiting on my rigging wire to continue
  16. Compared to my rate of work, that is almost lightning speed. I hope you can keep it and produce many more fine examples.
  17. Here you can see all phases of the making of the stand
  18. I tried to write the name of the boat with a pen, but I was not satisfied with the result.So I ordered decals
  19. Then I made the guys and even some small things
  20. Some details about working with sails
  21. The next step - making of sails
  22. The next step - making of lifelines and some other small details
  23. At the same time, I continued to make the masting
  24. Then I installed these wooden handrails
  25. While the glue was drying, I continued to do the masting
  26. Then I started making handrails
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