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  2. My only question in all of this is... how many kids have ever actually made ships in bottles? -- Bill
  3. This will be awesome.... Can't wait to see it. -- Bill
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  5. James: Well okay then, I'll take some pictures and draw up a print for you and post it. It does come in handy and it's easy to make. First thing tomorrow I'm all over it. Catch you then. And no, I don't think any tool we make in our crazy art is all that door busting that we should patent it. What a hoot. Best regards Bruce
  6. Wow,that was quick. Looks like it's going to be a cool build😎
  7. James: That will be a danndie! Can't wait to watch your build. Regards Bruce
  8. Enjoyed doing the la Madonna del Rosario so much I’ve decided to build the ship from one of the other set of four stamps. Just test fitting in the bottle to decide how big to make it, should be a fun build and has a bit more detail. Might not include the oars though, will have to see.
  9. Great tips! Definitely going to try some out, thanks. boats looking really good, I like it a lot, looking forward to see it in. Also just noticed your tool with the crocodile clip on the end, genius! Think I’m gonna have to steal that idea and make one myself! Of course, with your permission! Just in case you’ve got a patent pending?😂
  10. Can anyone tell me anything about this SAB? We believe it to be late 1800’s to early 1900’s? No sails, cork screw bottle. It’s a wealthy family air loom from either England or the Eastern US. that we inherited. If you need additional info or pics let me know. No took the pics with my iPhone , so quality is most likely not good enough for you, but just trying to get a conversation started. The pics make it look like there’s condensation, but there is NO CONDENSATION. Please advise. Thanks !
  11. Whats so cool about using the clay as a clamping mechanism, to me anyway, is that I can adjust the strings to be where they should be as I go along before I glue them off. On top of that, another benefit of using the clay is that it coats the thread a little bit which makes the hairs in the thread stand down. Of course as a result of this interaction with the clay, you can also run your fingers or a tooth pick over the thread to help make this benefit even more effective, but it gets the job done. It will still glue down with supper glue, no problem. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear here but this utilization of the clay as a construction platform method for rigging is a handy tool for me with my ships so far. Who knows what future builds will require? How many times have I needed ten fingers and someone else to help me glue something off. Using the clay as clamps has virtually eliminated that predicament. I Hope this dissertation helps some one out there. But also keep in mind that there are a million six ways to manage your rigging in this hobby. I just thought I'd bring my particular bent into the fray. Here's a picture of how I touch the thread with super glue after it has been clamped down in the clay for tension, using my glue loaded needle.. This just gets the string to stick there.The next picture is of my applying a half hitch to that same line before I glue it off again and then cut the lead line off. Hope that all this makes sense to you guys. Tomorrow I'm going to try and stick her in the bottle. Fingers crossed.
  12. There comes a point when I'm rigging that I move the model to a little pillar of cement that a friend gave me and I start working from there cause it's up in the air and I can see it better and pay attention to my lines. Not only that but as you will see in the next pictures I can use the clay as clamps to hold my lines fast while I glue them off. Notice that I have already put the main lines to go out of the bottle and eventually erect my ship on a card of thin cardboard and then taped it to the cement colum .
  13. Okay guys I've been making some progress this weekend and with any luck I'll have her bottled soon. I thought I'd show you some techniques That I have been using that I don't normally see on the forum. Take this for what it's worth. These are Basically with respect to how I handle the rigging of my ships before they go in the bottle. I've done this same process on quite a few of the ships I have already built in the past and everything worked out okay. As you can see in this photo I have my model stuck down on a piece of the same clay that I use for making my seas for inside of the bottle. It's very sticky stuff.
  14. Can't wait to see the mini clipper, really love these tiny ships! 😎
  15. Looks great, nicely done, well saved and great idea with the sea! I cut the mast tops on one of mine and regretted it ever since, doesn't look quite right. 😁
  16. That's OK onni! Put anything you like on there, I will just take all the credit! 😂 Your build is, looking great, love the deck, very nicely done also a great looking bottle, very nice shape! 😎
  17. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Its a bottle that I picked up here in Finland which is a one use bottle with calibrations on the side of it(which will be hidden under the sea; so to speak) It's a bottle that I have never seen before .Has 'Kertapullo' stamped on the bottom which roughly translates to 'one time bottle;' (disposable I suppose).Liquid volume of the bottle is about 2 pints if that gives any indication of the size of the bottle.Hope that helps.
  18. Onni

    J w Rogers

    Fantastic collection of ships in bottles representing hours and hours of work. Great work.They all look amazing!
  19. Jim Goodwin

    CSS Alabama

    What bottle will this piece go in to ?
  20. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Sorry everyone ,especially James as I mistakenly posted my stuff on James's great build log. I was reading through his log and forgot to switch to my own log. Thats what silly old men do!😭
  21. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Positioned and checked mast heights. Drilled holes through the thin veneer for them and the jib. Also drilled holes carefully through the hull both horizontally and vertically so that the hull should go back together the same after cutting it in half and quarters by joining it with small pegs (cocktail sticks) The outside hull will be covered by a thin styreene that will hide any drill holes. I will have to cut carefully following my pencil line on the deck top so as to keep the mast holes secure and on the centre line. I won't cut the actual deck;it should go in whole.Have to travel to my craft/hobby club ( about half hours drive) to do the cutting of the hull on a band saw as I don't have one here at home.
  22. Daniel: I spent the last three days on the waves and the hull cavity. The largest amount of that time was washing away the clay that got on the bottles side. Acetone and cotton cloth. I still am going to go over all the glass again with some Windex before I put her in. This is the same Plasticine that you recommended to me and it literally melted to a liquid. The color seems to be fine though. Right now I'm in the midst of rigging her up. Hopefully she'll be bottled before the weekend is over. Regards B.
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