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  3. CharlieB

    Hello from WV

    Welcome aboard! ?What part of WV are you from?
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  5. Here's the pdf version of the rigging primer. I can't always get the html version in the zip file to work. -Rigging Primer by John Fox III.pdf
  6. Daniel: Thanks for that. Got a ways to go yet.
  7. Some suggestions. The first two are excellent beginners books. Leon's has a number of plans. Both available second hand. The third covers just about everything and is best obtained from the publisher www.skipper.co.uk at £35, as some of the web sites prices such as Amazon are fairly outrageous. Cheers Alan
  8. DSiemens,I’ve already ordered the otherbooks. But for $3.99 I’ll get Don Hubbards book as well. also hope you find the the rigging primer thread. thanks
  9. Jeff B. An interesting Thing that I wanted to scout out right away in this book was What were they using for glue in model making in those days. I found a reference to a tube of Seccotine. Which I googled to find out it was a smelly fish glue made in France packaged in a lead tube, and was patented in the late 1890's. There is also mention of "gum" glue but I haven't seen any other reference to a brand or what it's made from. I'm thinking it was like a rubber cement type thing?? Hopefully I'll find some more reference to it's nature as I glean through theses pages.
  10. I found the thread again. The rigging primer is in the comments theres a zip file and a pdf. I'll post a link here so people can circle back to that thread. Some forums get uppity about re discussing things and insist you go back to the old conversation which they then leave up to you to find. I think that's annoying and unhelpful. I've also found we get new information every time we discuss something so if any one wants to add to the conversation they can use this thread or another thread. Linking threads and having several discussions I think helps up the chances of people finding what they need anyway.
  11. As far as terminology a good start is John Fox III's rigging primer. Let me see if I can find it again.
  12. I'm not familiar with those particular books. Might be worth trying. I prefer Don Hubbards book. I think it's not in print and maybe a little harder to find. Does look like some used copies are pretty cheap though. https://www.amazon.com/Ships-Bottles-Step-Step-Venerable/dp/0943665000
  13. This makes me want to do another xebec. They have such great lines.
  14. Beautiful work so far. I did this one several years ago it's a fun ship to build. Mine wasn't half as good as yours is turning out to be though.
  15. Question is will the bottle in your stocking be full or empty? 😄
  16. Love it. She's going to be a great looking ship in bottle.
  17. Love it. The 1920's must have been a fun time for ship modeling. This is very much the same spirit that E. Armitage McCann built his models.
  18. DSiemens

    Hello from WV

    RSmith Ask any question you need on the Sloop thread. I'm happy to help.
  19. Wow! Bravo, super impressive. Nice presentation and photos on this build log as well.
  20. Igor: Thanks so much for sending me the link to your build. It just amazes me how you can work so small. Now I think my ship is a little bigger but not much. I hope I can do as nice a job as yours turned out. Fingers crossed Bruce.
  21. Hey, Bruce! I built this model a few years ago. You can see my building log here - . Maybe you will find something useful in it for yourself. Good luck! Igor.
  22. Spanky

    Da Seamans Sloop

    Working on the "ocean" a bit. This is the first time I have played with this "Plastalina" and I kind of like being able to "sculpt" an ocean. I have to cut it in half then place back together once in the bottle. Still plugging away at the sloop. Sails coming soon.
  23. I have relatives in Parkersburg, about an hour and half from me. I live in Teays Valley. I was near Bridgeport yesterday going up I-79, we went to WVU to visit with my daughter who goes to school there.
  24. All ready to "go in", but I have been notified by the chief engineer that the transporter will be out of order until 12/25. The bottle is in my Christmas stocking.
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