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  2. Welcome to the group! Jesse
  3. Welcome New Sailor. Enjoy this forum. There is a whole lot to learn here just by reading the builds logs alone. Good luck with your project. Regards Bruce
  4. Welcome aboard New sailer.
  5. Hi, I'm a new member. I am also new to this hobby, working on my first project.
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  7. Ahoy! Today is Wednesday , and we have a snow dump coming today here in Michigan. Not much, but I'm pretty sure it will be the last of our winters shenanigans for this year. Anyway I was able to do some work on my Viking ship today. This is the first time I have chosen to carve out the inside of my hull and it is a chore for sure. The first picture shows that I'm drilling a hole to help create the dragons tail which I will develop more as the build goes on. The next pictures show my progress in carving out the inside dimensions of the hull. The last picture shows that I am creating a containment collar for the head of the dragon to nest in once I have the ship in the bottle. I'm using two pieces of polystyrene glued on each side of the keel to do this. I will eventually sand and blend them into the keel and at the same time maintain the capture slot for the dragons head when it needs to be glued there. That's all for today. Oh one more picture I've included is of me outside painting plein air. Beautiful day here. Regards Bruce
  8. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    The stand has evolved into this. I intend to place the name under the flag. Cut out the flag shape from plywood,sanded it down and painted it. Those stars were difficult to do! Mark on the flag is a reflection from the light. Font painting is a bit tricky too. I like to try to do everything by hand instead of just printing things out.(You can tell its hand painted😣)
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  10. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Continue with the making of some of the deck items.There are two large breech loading cannons of 110lbs and 68lbs(according to wikipedia) the larger one of the two is positioned between the mizzen and main mast.Fabricated some air vents but later on I thought that they looked a little bit too large for the scale of the ship so I will make some new smaller versions.Added a couple of pipes to the funnel.Making lifeboats is a chore for me;just carved basic shapes and hollowed them out with a drill bit which looks like a dentist's torture instrument. Davits are constucted using 0,3mm steel wire which is very springy.Later on discovered that I also made those wrongly as they should be designed to fix to the outside of the hull.(More about that later!) Built the bridge out of a thin gauge veener but it just looked too big and clumpy so remodelling it in plastic;much easier.
  11. Hi guys : It's a Sunday, so I'm not going to get to much done on my build today. But I do have enough time to punch out the 16 viking shields I'll be needing for my ship. They are 5/16 of an inch in diameter and I'm making them out of polystyrene sheet material that is .0285 thick. A hundred years ago when I was engaged in my apprenticeship program as a tool maker, we had certain tools that we were required to make that would prove our ability to actually produce what we had been taught to do. This fixture tool you see here is one of those, it's a hole punch and the exercise in making it was to prove that we could drill and ream a hole for a precision dowel that would create a slip fit for the dowel. I've been using this tool for nearly fifty years now and it still works like a charm. Just sayin. Anyway I'm punching out Viking shields using it.
  12. Thanks Bernard, I do try! <Grin> Outside of working on my musical endeavors, I have lots of time to experiment with new techniques and methods, always trying to improve on every aspect of my modeling efforts. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  13. Greetings Bruce, Thanks! I spend many hours thinking and experimenting whenever I come up against something that is new to me, or something that I was not totally pleased with results on previous models. Since my modeling scales vary considerably I often have to experiment. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  14. Hi John Your usual standards of innovation, technique and manual dexterity. Very nice indeed.
  15. Alan: That's a thought! I've been dreaming up how I'm going to build these two little assemblies for better than a week now and I've just about have it solidified in my minds eye. I do think Having them just about to enter or leave the sea is a capital idea. Thanks for that suggestion. Regards Bruce
  16. You could always position them so they are just about to enter or leave the sea., and 'foam' the sea to suit. Would save any worry about pushing into the sea medium. Alan
  17. James: I'm defiantly going to use wire for the oars. I have quite a selection of piano wires in different diameters that I use frequently for replacing the trunnions in the lantern gears on antique clocks when I restore them. And yes I'll peen the ends flat and shape them. On this ship there will be 14 oars. So a bit of time is going to go into making them. I'm afraid copper wire would be to soft. If just one gets bent it will look like hell. After I make them, I'll soak them in Muriatic acid which should give them a rust color. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Regards Bruce
  18. How about copper wire for the oars, cut to length and tap the ends flat with a hammer, filed round on the ends and painted. You'd have to fit them one at a time though, but they should stand up to the abuse of pushing the ends down into the sea. 😁
  19. So that was very fiddly, but turned out not too bad, all lines now cut and free of the jig. 😁
  20. That's looking really great! I love viking boats. 😎
  21. As you can see I'm using a tong depressor for the keel and dragons tail /head, rough cutting it out with my hobby jig saw. Obviously I'm going to have to put the dragons head on after the ship is in the bottle so I have separated it from the main keel lines construct. Hopefully this will turn out okay. I like the lines on this drawing and the fact that there aren't so may oars is a plus for me . After all I just want to get the idea across in a bottle. More to come as I go along.
  22. Well after some input from you guys and also after thinking about the huge engineering issues I have to confront building a viking ship with oars in the water and with a sail up, I've decided to go for it. I just started with it today. I may very well fry and burn on this one but it will be here for all to see, good bad or ugly. I've decided to model my ship after a picture I found on Google. I'm not sure if it's a painting or an actual ship that once existed, but I like it's lines and I think I can pull it off. I did a tracing of that picture and am using it as well as other ship plans I've also gleaned off the internet to build this replica of what I am assuming is a raiding vessel. An interesting note to consider about Viking ships is that they build many kinds, all of different beams and lengths. They even build ships for moving live stock across the oceans. Here are some pictures of how I've started this build.
  23. John: You continue to amaze me with you inventive techniques! This is a stellar representation of grates. Thanks so much for sharing this process with us. I'm sure I'll apply it on one of my builds in the future. It's just so clean and neat!. Regards Bruce
  24. James : Wow ! That's quite the neat set up for doing your rat lines! Should be no problem. Regards Bruce
  25. So the crew decided that the shrouds looked a bit bare and insisted that I install the ratlines after all, so after a lot of faffing about (and a bit of blue language) I decided to have a go. They are tediously small so I come up with a plan that seems to be working really well! So far, hopefully πŸ˜‚
  26. Yes I see that, I tried a couple of synthetic ones as an experiment, and find they also kink when bending too much and dont straighten back out! Will definatley try some hair ones another time as I've already made the yards out of thinned down cocktail sticks. I'm also going to try some broom bristles as they are also a good size. 😁
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