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  2. Finally finished rigging the model. I added the Martindale rigging that wasn't called for in the instructions but that is about the extent of my imbellishments. The rigging instructions involve a convoluted process of tying down one side of the yard while slipping the rigging on the other side with stop blocks applied to the control line on that side made of blobs of glue. So there was a lot of glue set up time involved. I don't have the yards as even as I'd like but they look better on the model than they do in the photo. I'll have to do some adjusting after the model is set in the bottle any
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  4. Yeah, I can thoroughly recommend the book Will, it's what got me started on this great hobby.
  5. Onni

    SS Great Britain

    For some idiotic reasons after I had glued the main sail, it went into an inverted curve (looking like the wind was blowing from the front)The solution;I scrapped off the sail and re glued it the other way round so it now has a nice curve without even me trying anything high tech to get it looking like that!Constructed the lifeboats and all six are fixed (three each side)to a thin plastic strip which will then have to be fixed to the side of the hull of GB when she is inside the bottle.Made the 'red duster' flag from an old hankerchief of which I have inserted and glued very thin wire inside o
  6. Really helpful, Onni! So gluing to gaff only is another option. I'll have a think about which suits me better. I plan to get that book, too!!
  7. I'm not sure if this would help you Will;these illustrations are from 'Sailing in Glass' byJOOP VAN SCHOUTEN and explains where not to glue the sails until the masts are pulled upright and fixed inside the bottle.Pretty much the same applies to your main sail,only glue one end of the sail to the gaff;you can then glue the other end of the sail later on, inside the bottle; perhaps using a piece of wire, with a dab of glue on the end of it. I usually use ordainary white wood glue to fix the sails.
  8. Looks like those masts are good. Just gotta drill the holes. as for the pull lines, a touch of glue on the mast and then cut the line with hand made cutting tool with (razor). A skewer stick with broken razor glued on tip works for some. We all make our own tools. I use a very fine fly fishing leader tippet line (7x 2.7 lbs) I can barely see it. I can leave it in and pull it out through a bowsprit hole with the other lines and snip it there. Or, cut and glue at the mast, depending on the look. Cheers! Jeff
  9. This was really helpful! Thank you! I wonder how I'd missed the idea of detaching the mainsail. I'm wondering how to keep it securely attached after cutting the lines once it's in place inside the bottle. Looks like I'll be making a new set of masts and spurs, but no matter. This is my first attempt so there are bound to be times where I have to start things over. I'll look into puzzle glue too!
  10. Nice start Will! I encourage you to watch Episode #1, Season 26 of the Woodwrights Shop- Ship in a bottle. (Youtube) Lots of tips from the guest on that episode! He demonstrates hauling in the main sail for a schooner/ sloop. As for sail glue: I use “puzzle glue”. It’s used to glue a puzzle together to frame it and hang it on a wall (I reckon some people do that). I get it at the craft store. If a mistake is made, hot water on a cotton swab, back and forth on the line, removes the glue. Cheers! Best regards, Jeff
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  12. Update on my little Bluenose project, and a request for advice. After the fiasco with the carving knife, I splashed out and got a nicer pin vise and set of micro drill bits. I'm really glad I did! They are making all the difference. After making the masts, spars, and so on by sanding down bamboo skewers in a hand drill, I added the bowsprit by drilling a hole directly into the bow and sticking it in. Here are all the bamboo bits on top of the diagram. At this point, it looked good to go! Then I painted everything. I didn't go and buy fancy model paints but used some
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  14. Onni

    SS Great Britain

    Completed all deck furnishings (the small skylights took ages)and moved forward to the masts and rigging. I am going to rig her with half sails up but no top sails as per the drawing at the begining of this build. As you may of noticed I made a new engine room skylight and cut out the space in the hull so that you should be able to get a glimpse of the engine room machinery through the skylight.Shrouds and ratlines I make on my little jig which are bonded with super glue and white wood glue to simulate the block and tackle.
  15. I suppose I could rig the back stays as control lines pulled outside of the bottle, but the model already has eight of them and I don't need six more. I'm having a slow go at this one for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is that this is suppose to be my rainy day project and we've had very little rain here in Vermont! I've also acquired a slight repetitive strain injury in my left thumb. But I am almost finished rebuilding my modelling workstation. I am also finding inaccuracies in the instructions. Of all the extra materials that were provided, I wasn't given enough thread
  16. Onni

    SS Great Britain

    Continued with some of the deck features.'Daisy' the Guernsey cow with her cow shed amongst other items. The two Trottman anchors are made out of wire and plastic.Not happy with the engine house skylight so I will probably make a new one.
  17. Haha. Thats a good one. Yeah its been a rough year in tax work here. The goverment keeps changing the rules and giving us more work.
  18. Thanks Dan. Tax is a pain, especially as governments just seem to squander it. Along with all Brits, I hate Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue, also known as HM's Thieving Bandits, or a word like that. UK personal tax allowance did not get raised this year, so the tax man basically relieved me of most of the rise in my pension. Can't even say 'At least Dick Turpin (an infamous highway man) had the decency to wear a mask' because we're all wearing them now. Stay safe Alan
  19. The way I did the back stays on the Scavenger is that they were glued down after the mast was in place. It would work with a forward folding mast. It's up to you on though. Nothing wrong with keeping it as the instructions laid out.
  20. I just did an update and it did change a little. Not sure I'm happy with it. I need to spend some time messing with it but I'm also right at the end of tax season at work. I'll see if I can't get it straitened out.
  21. Greetings. I’d like to share my latest model, HMS Glatton as she appeared in the final hours of the war. The model is completely scratch built to 1/1500 scale or 125’ to 1”. The model is made from boxwood, brass, and the sea base is carved and painted wood. Paint is from ScaleColors of course. If you’d like to see more of my ships models they’re all on my website www.josephlavender.com I started this model a little before finishing Duilio, so total build time was about a month. Glatton, 5,746 tons displacement and her sister ship Gorgon were originally built for Norway but they wer
  22. Hello, New member here. Just picked up the Princess Royal 1841 ship in a bottle kit at my local hobby shop for 10 bucks {kit was on consignment}. Kit is complete, however: some of the pages in the instruction booklet stuck together obliterating some of the steps. Can anyone email a PDF file of the instructions? I really want to try my hand at building this kit. Any help would be most appreciated and a big thanks!
  23. Hi All, Has the home page changed? I opened up to day and found a different lay out, ie, only about an inch of the header photo showing with the menu pane obscuring it. Or has my PC been blessed my another Windows 'update for better performance'
  24. I think I need to follow the instructions and not modify the rigging too much. The mast fold forward, not backward, so back stays would prevent the masts from folding forward along the lines of what their actual intention on a real ship would be. The more I go along, the more I'm leaning toward completing the build as it is intented, glass bottle and all. I wish I could find another glass bottle like it which I need for another scratch built model.
  25. I was wondering how they would do the rigging if the masts are snapped in. Leaving off the back stays does simplify it enough for how they have it set up. I agree I think you could add them and still snap in the masts. I did something very similar with my build of the Scavenger.
  26. Glad you found the sloop useful. Great work so far. It doesn't even have masts and sails yet and I look at it and think yup, thats the Bluenose. You got the lines perfect.
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